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Managing the Independence and Guaranteeing the Excellence of the European Research Council

The success of the European Research Council (ERC) relies on its autonomy and on the impeccable management of its administrative wing, the Executive Agency (ERCEA). Pablo Amor, Director of the ERCEA, has stood as a staunch guarantor for both over the past eight years.

Following the news of Mr. Amor’s upcoming early departure as Director, Science Europe reiterates the fundamental need to maintain the ERC’s independence in the future. In order to continue to identify and support word class scientific research, the ERC’s Scientific Council and the ERCEA both require the highest degree of autonomy in their scientific and administrative decision making.

“The level of scientific excellence aimed for by the ERC needs to be reflected in its management and this has so far been personified in Pablo Amor and the ERCEA staff. This must not change” added Stephan Kuster, Secretary General of Science Europe.

Science Europe thanks and congratulates Mr. Amor for his successful tenure as ERCEA Director and looks forward to continuing its collaboration during his remaining months in office.

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