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Report of the 2022 High Level Workshop on ERA: Research Ethics and Integrity in the Context of Public Engagement

AUTHOR(s): James Morris (SE), Adrien Braem (SE), Flurina Kuhn (SNSF)

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7446417

The 2022 High Level Workshop on the European Research Area focused on ethics and integrity when science engages with the public, such as when advising decision makers, communicating to citizens, or having the public participate in the research process.

In the current situation, with many different challenges facing us, decision makers and the public expect researchers to speak with a clear voice and offer direction and solutions. At the same time, the relevance, reliability, and accountability of expert knowledge is sometimes contested.

Engagement with the public becomes an ever more important priority. It can better align the expectations and needs from society with what science can do, and enables science to better respond to societal concerns. The High Level Workshop looked at how such engagement can take place with the highest ethics and integrity standards.

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