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Science Europe’s celebrations in full swing

Science Europe celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. 

Founded in October 2011 in Berlin by seven official founding members and a total of 49 member organisations, Science Europe has grown to be a respected and influential voice in the European research policy debate. Thanks to the contributions from its member organisations, it has helped shape many European policies and research-related EU legislation.

You may have seen our special logo: “10 years of supporting research excellence”. The anniversary was celebrated during a reception held at the High Level Workshop venue on 24 November in Luxembourg. It was remotely broadcasted and, in addition to the guests of the High Level Workshop itself, Science Europe’s previous Presidents, Governing Board Members, and Office staff joined the commemoration. Following the reception, those present in Luxembourg participated in a dinner at Bourglinster Castle, hosted by Science Europe President.

“The foundation of Science Europe in Berlin actually happened following a ground-breaking process, led by inspiring colleagues such as Paul Boyle and Mathias Kleiner. The original idea of setting up a single visible, and active representation of Europe’s leading research organisations is as impressive today as it was back then. Since then, Science Europe has produced a number of well received position papers and guidelines for excellence in funding and performing research,” stated in her video-message Professor Katja Becker, President of the German Research Foundation, to mark the anniversary.

“I have the privilege and joy to be one of your founding fathers. In those days we intended to create a powerful voice: we wanted a European Research Area built up by scientists and science organisations all over the continent, side by side with the European Commission and national governments. Today the success is obvious: Science Europe is a clear and well-established voice of science in Brussels, representing research organisations, [..] standing in for excellence in research, for cooperation and competition, for scientific freedom and integrity, and for mobility and participation,” affirmed Professor Matthias Kleiner, President of the Leibniz Association, in a video message.

On its anniversary, Science Europe published a video celebrating the occasion with its member organisations and highlighting the importance of embedding a healthy research culture in the conduct of research. In the video, heads of Science Europe MOs explain what research culture means for them and give an overview of the measures currently implemented within their organizations to foster diverse, inclusive, sustainable, and attractive environments across the research community.

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