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Webinar for Diamond OA Community

Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS and ANR launched the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access in March 2022. It has since been endorsed by over 70 organisations and more than 50 individuals.

A webinar on 22 April will bring the endorsers together to gather their views and expectations on the next steps to strengthen the Diamond Open Access ecosystem.

The Action Plan for Diamond Open Access was launched on 3 March 2022 by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency. Focusing on the topics of efficiency, quality standards, capacity building, and sustainability, it aims to further develop and expand a community-driven Diamond OA scholarly communication ecosystem.

About the webinar

Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency are organising a webinar on Friday 22 April from 13.30–14.30 CEST for the endorsers of the Action Plan on Diamond Open Access. The goal is to collect views from the community on their expectations for the future.

The organising partners are committed to building a stakeholder-driven process. During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to provide input, discussing questions such as:

  • What are your expectations and objectives for this process in the short- and mid-term?
  • Which long-term goals for Diamond Open Access should this process work towards?
  • Why are you engaging in this process? What is your motivation and capacity to do so?

Those who have endorsed the Action Plan will be contacted with the registration and connection details.

Endorse the Action Plan

If you are interested in endorsing the Action Plan, either as an individual or as an organisation in the research (policy) sector, you are welcome to do so via

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