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Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia Celebrates Third Anniversary

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia (SFRS) celebrates its third anniversary.

Science Europe congratulates its newest member organisation, who have joined the association in November 2021.

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is an institution that supports scientific and research activities in the republic of Serbia. It aims to provide funds to and support the conditions for the continuous development of world-class scientific and research activities.

Science Europe congratulates the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia (SFRS) with its third anniversary in March 2022. Having joined the association only in November 2021, the SFRS is the newest member organisation of Science Europe, and the association looks forward to working with them to promote scientific excellence within and outside of Serbia.

Since its creation in 2019, the SFRS has alreaady opened five programmes to finance scientific projects that enhance the capacity of young researchers, improve scientific co-operation with Serbian scientific diaspora, create new technological achievements with the use of artificial intelligence, help solve problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and support projects based on outstanding ideas. It has so far approved 282 scientific projects, and given almost 10% of researchers in Serbia the opportunity to implement their ideas.

As the President of Science Europe, Marc Schiltz, said during a statement at today's celebration of the SFRS anniversary: “True to its ambition to encourage international co-operation and exchange, the Science Fund has, since its inception, sought to become an integral part of the research community. We were delighted to welcome it as a Science Europe Member Organisation [and] can confidently say that our collaboration will be fruitful, productive, and exciting.”

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