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Map of Europe with connected strings
Map of Europe with connected strings © TheAndrasBarta from Pixabay
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Science Europe 10th Anniversary Celebration

Science Europe was launched formally in its first General Assembly on 21 October 2011 in Berlin. A total of 49 Member Organisations, including the seven official founding members (DFG, ESRC, ETAg, FWO, FNRS, ARRS, and SNSF), celebrated the start of the association and elected its first President, Paul Boyle, and Governing Board.

Nowadays, ten years later, we are going to celebrate the many achievements of Science Europe. Over its first decade, Science Europe has grown to be a respected and influential voice in the European research policy debate. It has used the input from its Member Organisations to help shape many European policies and research-related EU legislation, and has helped start up initiatives such as cOAlition S and Weave.

A Reception, physical and online, followed by a dinner, will be held on the occasion of the High Level Workshop on 24 November in Luxembourg. In addition to the guests of the High Level Workshop itself, we will also be joined by all of Science Europe’s previous Presidents, Governing Board Members, and Office staff.

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