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Art installation of discs on high legs between modern-looking office buildings
Art installation of discs on high legs between modern-looking office buildings © Bernardo Lorena Ponte on Unsplash
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High Level Workshop on ERA 2021

Research Culture in the ERA: Ensuring the attractiveness of the research sector for current and future generations

24 Nov. 2021

The High Level Workshop on ERA offers an annual platform for Science Europe Member Organisations, national ministries, and EU institutions to discuss progress, specific aspects, and future development of the ERA.

The High Level Workshop on ERA 2021 was co-organised by Science Europe and:

About the High Level Workshop

The 2021 edition of the High Level Workshop on the European Research Area addressed central aspects of the research culture in the ERA, and its influence on how research is conceived, conducted, communicated, and assessed. The goal was to better understand the views of different ERA research and innovation actors and to pursue alignment on fundamental aspects of research culture. This will allow for the identification of actions that can make the ERA a more attractive place for researchers and for excellent research.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought science into the spotlight and has highlighted the importance of scientific expertise in dealing with global challenges. At the same time, it has transformed the way science and scientists work and might have a lasting effect on research culture. It is hence timelier than ever to discuss research culture and the way it affects how research is performed, communicated, and evaluated. I look forward to welcoming you in Luxembourg – hopefully in person – for this important discussion.

Claude Meisch, Minister for Higher Education and Research, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


The High Level Workshop was structured into three sessions:

  • The first session introduced the fundamental concepts of research culture. Participants discussed the current trends and the need to re-identify, define, and align values underlying research culture.
  • In two breakout groups, participants looked closer at how to ensure that research careers remain attractive to talented people, and how to incentivise and reward research activity.
  • Finally, in a dedicated session, representatives from national ministries had the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the importance of a sustainable and effective research culture for both their national research systems, as well as for the ERA.

Research culture – the values and norms that make up the system – influences all levels and aspects of research, shaping individual’s careers, outputs and outcomes produced, and the attractiveness of the sector. As funders and institutions, we have a responsibility to reflect upon the current culture and envision how it should change, towards a thriving, sustainable, and open-science driven European research ecosystem. In this workshop, we aim to create a forum for international best practice input, active discussion between our members, and dialogue with policymakers, to build on what is known and align together as Science Europe. I look forward to hosting you at this workshop, to create together a common understanding and long-term vision for the research culture of the European Research Area.

Marc Schiltz, President of Science Europe

Welcome by the host

Pictures from the event are available via the Science Europe Flickr account

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