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Global Summit on Diamond Open Access

23>27 Oct. 2023
Register before 22-10-2023 12:00

The Global Summit on Diamond Open Access (Cumbre Global sobre Acceso Abierto Diamante) is a series of hybrid and multilingual events, including the second Diamond Open Access conference. The events are organised by a group of organisations committed to progressing Open Science and Diamond Open Access: Redalyc, UAEMéx, AmeliCA, UNESCO, CLACSO, UÓR, ANR, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and Science Europe.

Interpretation will be foreseen in different languages.

About the Global Summit

The Global Summit on Diamond Open Access / Cumbre Global sobre Acceso Abierto Diamante is a unique event that will bring together the community of researchers, editors, universities, research funding and performing organisations, academic libraries, learned societies, and policy makers who are engaged worldwide in strengthening the Diamond Open Access ecosystem.

The Diamond Open Access community will gather during this event and focus its discussions on the equity, quality, usability, and sustainability of this scholarly publishing model. The objective of the Global Summit / Cumbre Global is to encourage a deeper understanding and mutual learning between world regions. It will focus on good practices and policies from across the globe. The event will also be instrumental in developing global principles that unite the initiatives developed in diverse, local contexts.

Practical Information

More information and registration are available on the website of the event


Second Conference on Diamond Open Access

The second Diamond Open Access Conference will take place during the Global Summit, on 25 and 26 October 2023. This follows the first edition, organised in September 2022 in Zadar, Croatia.

These conferences bring together the community of organisations and individuals that have endorsed the March 2022 Action Plan for Diamond Open Access (now also available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).

Schedule of the Global Summit

23 October
Opening Ceremony
Global Summit

23–24 October
4th International Congress of Redalyc Editors
20th Anniversary of Redalyc

24–25 October
Second Meeting of AmeliCA Members

25–26 October
2nd Diamond Open Access Conference

27 October
Closing Ceremony
Global Summit